Kinesiology works to find and release stress that is causing pain and suffering. Specifically, it looks for emotions, thoughts and beliefs stored in the body. This is a new idea for many people discovering kinesiology for the first time, and they often ask:

But HOW does stress, emotions and memories get stored in my body?

Here is my answer to that question:

The body is electric – it runs via the movement of positive and negative charges through it. These movements are sometimes known as ‘chemical reactions’. For the body to undergo any movement (internal or external) it requires a chemical reaction to occur. When we feel an emotion, we feel tension in different parts of the body. That tension can only happen because something moved from where it was, to somewhere different. E.g.

😧 nervous –> gut tightening;

😭 grief –> chest tightening,

😀 joy –> mouth smiling.

That means feeling an emotion requires a chemical reaction and an electrical current to occur.

Humans are clever though. At some point in our evolution, we worked out it wasn’t always useful to DISPLAY our emotions. When you are being chased by a lion, crying with grief is not useful. You need to run.

We learnt to suppress the emotions and their associated electrical charges. We usually feel this as BODY TENSION. Aches and trigger points in our muscles. Charges can also be stored in organs, bones, glands – any tissue really.

Proteins change shape when their electrical charge changes. A change in charge literally means the molecule has lost or gained electrons. It goes from a positive to negative charge, or vice versa. Like magnets on your fridge, we know that opposite charges attract. So, changing the charge on a molecule results in changing EVERYTHING its attracted to. Suddenly it behaves in a totally different way. It pushes away from things it was formerly attracted to, and attached to things it wasn’t. It’s literally ‘bent out of shape’.

A muscle ‘knot’ or trigger point is formed when enough molecules are attracted to things they shouldn’t be.

If you experience tension or pain in your body, you have molecules that are attracted to the wrong things. A common cause is storing the electrical charge of unprocessed emotions. Store enough emotions and we call that being ‘stressed’. Store enough stress and we call that ‘disease’.

This is why processing stored emotions is a way to avoid and solve stress and disease.

Kinesiology balances pinpoint the specific emotions (and associated thoughts and beliefs) causing the problem. Once processed, the stored charge is discharged and the proteins returns to their natural state. The tension is resolved, and the pain disappears.

A session involves finding the points where tension is stored through muscle testing and holding points these points to shift the patterns behind the tension.    It is often a helpful process for people in both understanding the processes leading to their stress response and also shifting the tension patterns behind them during the session.   If you are intrigued, come try a session!  Caitlin O’Neill at the clinic is always happy to offer a 15 minute free trial to see if the modality might be supportive for you.