Osteopathy for Headaches

Osteopathy for headaches

Research has shown that Osteopathy for headaches may be effective treatment to manageme many types of headaches. Headaches may be one, or more than one cause: in the circulatory, vascular, musculoskeletal system, or the autonomic, cranial or spinal nerves. Chronic and severe pain is very debilitating. Headaches of a severe or unusual pattern should be assessed initially by your General Practitioner.

Osteopathy for Migraines

Has characteristic visual and pain symptoms; usually one-sided. Aggravated by exposure to trigger substances and/or hormonal factors. May also have musculoskeletal or toxic causes, or be associated with nerve compression. Attacks usually relieved by rest and specific medication. Maybe helped by the release of musculoskeletal restrictions.

Osteopathy for Headache Clusters

Severe headaches with causes similar to a migraine, but occur often for short, regularly repeated periods.

Osteopathy for Tension Headaches

Tension headaches or headaches of musculoskeletal origin. Often in temples, forehead, jaw or back of the head, where tight neck muscles insert into the skull or scalp muscles attach. Maybe caused by tired eye muscles or jaw muscle tension. Aggravated by tension, relieved by relaxation and warmth. Maybe secondary to nerve compression caused by restricted spinal joints.

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